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ISBN Title Author Year Imprint
9789332550230 Signals and Systems: Pearson New International Edition Alan V. Oppenheim 2015 Pearson Education
9789332550339 Digital Signal Processing Alan V. Oppenheim 2015 Pearson Education
9789332556065 Modern Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques Albert D. Helfrick 2016 Pearson Education
9789332549807 Distributed Systems: Principles and Paradigms Andrew S. Tanenbaum 2015 Pearson Education
9789332550513 Operating Systems: Design and Implementation, 3/e Andrew S. Tanenbaum 2015 Pearson Education
9789332555082 Solid State Electronic Devices Ben G. Streetman 2016 Pearson Education
9789332549753 Logistics Engineering & Management Benjamin S. Blanchard 2015 Pearson Education
9789332550148 Contemporary Engineering Economics Chan S Park 2015 Pearson Education
9789332549432 Transport Processes and Separation Process Principles (Includes Unit Operations) Christie John Geankoplis 2015 Pearson Education
9789332549456 Process Control Instrumentation Technology Curtis D. Johnson 2015 Pearson Education
9789332543539 Digital Circuits & Design D.P Kothari 2015 Pearson Education
9789332556577 Sustainable Engineering: Concepts, Design and Case Studies David T. Allen 2016 Pearson Education
9789332549876 Internetworking with TCP/IP Vol. III: Client-Server Programming and ApplicationsBSD Socket Version, 2/e Douglas E. Comer 2015 Pearson Education
9788131774700 IPR, Biosafety and Bioethics Dr Deepa Goel 2013 Pearson Education
9789332549791 Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis Earl Gose 2015 Pearson Education
9789332549760 Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science Gilbert M. Masters 2015 Pearson Education
9788131799444 Microwave and Radar Engineering Gottapu Sasibhushana Rao 2014 Pearson Education
9789353941390 Introduction to Materials Science for Engineers James F. Shackelford 2020 Pearson Education
9788131732663 Optical Fiber Communications: Principles and Practice, 3/e John M. Senior 2009 Pearson Education
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