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ISBN Title Author Year Imprint
9789353063627 Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics, and Kinetics Andrew Cooksy 2018 Pearson Education
9789353063634 Physical Chemistry: Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Interactions Andrew Cooksy 2018 Pearson Education
9788131756867 Elementary Practical Organic Chemistry: Small Scale Preparations Part 1, 2/e Arthur I. Vogel 2011 Pearson Education
9788131756874 Elementary Practical Organic Chemistry: Qualitative Organic Analysis Part 2, 2/e Arthur I. Vogel 2011 Pearson Education
9788131756881 Elementary Practical Organic Chemistry: Quantitative Organic Analysis Part 3, 2/e Arthur I. Vogel 2011 Pearson Education
9788131799062 Inorganic Chemistry B Sivasankar 2013 Pearson Education
9788177589573 Vogel's Textbook of Practical Organic Chemistry Brian S. Furniss 1989 Pearson Education
9788131729571 University Chemistry Bruce M. Mahan 2009 Pearson Education
9788131731444 Medicinal Chemistry D . Sriram 2010 Pearson Education
9788131765272 Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry: Theory and Practices Dr S K Bhasin 2012 Pearson Education
9788131773710 Vogel’s Qualitative Inorganic Analysis G. Svehla 2013 Pearson Education
9788131718858 Inorganic Chemistry, 3/e Gary Miessler 2008 Pearson Education
9788131700938 Problems and Their Solution in Organic Chemistry I. L. Finar 1973 Pearson Education
9788177585414 Organic Chemistry, Volume 2: Stereochemistry and the Chemistry Natural Products, 5/e I. L. Finar 1956 Pearson Education
9788177585421 Organic Chemistry, Volume 1, 6/e I. L. Finar 1973 Pearson Education
9788131791394 Organic Chemistry, Vol 1, NTM (Hindi) I.L Finnar 2017 Pearson Education
9789332546974 Organic Chemistry, Vol 1 (Bangla) I.L Finnar 2017 Pearson Education
9788131709757 Physical Chemistry: Principles and Applications in Biological Sciences, 4/e Ignacio Jr. Tinoco 2007 Pearson Education
9789332558533 Quantum Chemistry Ira N. Levine 2016 Pearson Education
9788131792155 Chemical Thermodynamics: Classical, Statistical and Irreversible J. Rajaram 2013 Pearson Education
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