PTE Academic

PTE Academic is a computer-based academic English language test for international students. The test is widely accepted by universities, higher education institutions, and government departments around the world, including Harvard Business School, Yale University, INSEAD, University of Manchester and London Business School. It is accepted by the UK Border Agency for Tier 1, 2 and 4 visa and the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship for student visa applications. The test is endorsed by, and the preferred test of GMAC® - the owners of the GMAT®.

Unique Features of PTE Academic

  • Fast: Results are typically returned within 5 business days

  • Convenient: single 3-hour test session. Student can complete the test in one sitting.

  • Free: send unlimited score reports for 2 years

  • Flexible dates: If students are unable to find their desired test date then they can request for additional test sessions at

Sections in PTE Academic

    There are 20 different types of task. Some tasks will test intergrated skills (e.g. reading AND speaking).

  • Introduction: Student is required to introduce. This section is not assessed.

  • Speaking and writing: 77 – 93 minutes

  • Reading: 32 – 41 minutes

  • Break: 10 minutes (Optional)

  • Listening: 45 – 57 minutes

  • The timings mentioned are variable. The test will always last 3 hours in total.

Learning Resources of PTE Academic

    There are a number of resources designed to help students prepare, these include:

  • Online practice tests with sample answers

  • A free test tutorial providing a detailed overview of the test

  • The Official Guide to PTE Academic contains over 200 practice questions, analysis of sample responses and test-taking tips