Valuing Our People

With our strong market positions in creative and technology-reliant businesses, Pearson is a company that is especially dependent on the skills and imagination of our people. By hiring, nurturing and keeping the very best, we believe we can build a diverse community of people with a common interest in achieving their own potential and supporting the development of the company.

We have an array of programmes and structures to foster this—more than 50 per cent of our people are shareholders in Pearson through our employee share plans. We have a group-level health and safety policy, with numerous awareness days and other good practice examples across our offices, and we offer a variety of programmes to enable people to find a balance between their personal and professional lives. We also know that the best ideas often come from our own people, so each operating company continues to ask its people for ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism to improve the way we work. We want to be the best possible company to work for and we endeavour to provide salaries, benefits, incentive plans, learning pathways and other opportunities that help our people choose Pearson as the place to stay.