Tablet Solution

ThinkTank Touch is Pearson's tablet solution for the students in Engineering. It is built on the philosophy that technology can enhance the education system and the users can explore the key areas of learning by accessing the digital content anytime anywhere.

Beyond providing perfect fidelity to your printed textbook, the solution offers a vast pool of learning objects that have been designed on a user friendly platform to provide enriched learning environment.

With the ThinkTank Touch solution, the user gains access to the subject eBooks along with thousands of learning elements such as animations, videos, simulations, images, and 3D objects.


  • Offline Access with ease to access anytime anywhere

  • Rich Repository of Media Assets with interactive content

  • Fidelity to the original textbook layout

  • Go to page, zoom, next/previous page navigation

  • Personalized notes, highlights, bookmarks

  • Access to websites through hotspots or links on the page

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