An in-class, teacher-led, interactive
teaching and learning tool for engineering
DigiClass Pro: The Higher Education Solution

DigiClass Pro solution empowers teachers to transform traditional blackboard-and-chalk classrooms into interactive sessions. The multimedia content enables teachers to better explain complex concepts, due to which students can retain information for a longer period of time.

DigiClass Pro offers unique advantages:
  • Preloaded with thousands of learning elements such as animations, diagrams, simulations, videos, 3D interactivity, worksheets, audio/visual lesson plans, teaching guidelines, Q&A, all of which leads to better teaching practices
  • Empowers teachers to create exciting and engaging classroom experiences
  • The Solution has been successfully implemented in over 17 states
Convenient Installation and Implementation:

DigiClass Pro is user friendly, affordable and easy to maintain thereby making it the ideal choice for your institution. It comprises of modern equipments such as interactive device with whiteboard, speaker, stylus and projector. There is also a multimedia computer that accesses a rich repository of relevant digital content from a high end server.

The solution is easy to learn and use, and can take your institution's teaching to the next level.

Specialised Digital Content: that is carefully aligned to prescribed curriculum. It also includes animations, interactive slides, laboratory videos and simulations, all in easy to use format.

Flavours of Digitally:

TIC (Teach In Class) enables viewing contents in a structured manner. It lists universities or courses that are available for use.

PFC (Prepare For Class) allows the faculty to customize the organization of content, design own content, search for objects and book mark their favourites along wih creating multiple question papers.


The traditional method of chalk and board is making way for multimedia-based learning. Education using new technologies such as Pearson's DigitALlyTM has made it easier for professors to relate the subject to the students with the help of animations diagrams etc. Students are also very receptive to the same.

Prof. Vijayasarathy,
Dept. of Chemistry, Dayanand Sagar College of Engg.

Pearson is bringing a digital revolution to the classroom. Teaching and learning has indeed become very interesting and effective. The e-content is highly interactive meeting complete curriculum requirements and has a great visual and audio impact. This helps students to learn and remember lectures better and they are becoming more efficient and productive.

Dr. Jawahar D,
Chairman, PES University