Because learning should never stop.

Our world today is obsessed with doing everything quickly, learning included. As the use of mobile technology is increasing, why not offer ​users​ the possibility to study anytime, anyplace and at their own convenience through their mobile devices?

At Pearson, we're working to create a continuous, connected and dynamic learning environment. For us, mobile is about more than access on the go. It's about learning on the go.

Our mobile applications focus on creating an active, dynamic learning environment that empowers users to achieve more. We're reinventing how to support learners​ in the 21st century, providing new tools to make the learning​ experience more dynamic and efficient. Thanks to the accessibility of mobile, Pearson is helping students and educators play a more active role in learning.

​We introduce ​you​ to some of ​our ​amazing apps available ​across all platforms ​and encourage ​you​ to learn in a mobile way.