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ISBN Title Author Year Imprint
9789332554689 Indian Economy A.C. Fernando 2016 Pearson Education
9789332584914 Using Econometrics: A Practical Guide, 7/e A.H. Studenmund 2017 Pearson Education
9789332535572 Marketing Research: An Integrated Approach, 3/e Alan Wilson 2014 Pearson Education
9788131717257 A Textbook of Economic Theory, 5/e Alfred W. Stonier 1984 Pearson Education
9789332518247 Macroeconomics Andrew B. Abel 2014 Pearson Education
9781292165592 Economics: Principles, Applications, and Tools, Global Edition, 9/e ARTHUR O’SULLIVAN 2017 Pearson Education
9789332536609 Macroeconomics: Principles, Applications, and Tools, 8/e ARTHUR O’SULLIVAN 2014 Pearson Education
9789332536647 Microeconomics: Principles, Applications, and Tools ARTHUR O’SULLIVAN 2014 Pearson Education
9788131758939 The Indian Economy Since 1991: Economic Reforms and Performance, 2/e B. A. Prakash 2011 Pearson Education
9789332533745 Corporate Governance and Fraud Risk Management in India Balvinder Singh 2014 Pearson Education
9789332536579 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Beverly DeMarr 2015 Pearson Education
9789332581449 Trading to Create Wealth Bobby Srinivasan 2017 Pearson Education
9789332536593 Preparing Effective Business Plans: An Entrepreneurial Approach Bruce R. Barringer 2014 Pearson Education
9789332536531 Global Investments Bruno Solnik 2014 Pearson Education
9788131764497 Microeconomics II: For University of Delhi D. N. Dwivedi 2012 Pearson Education
9781292214351 Microeconomics, Global Edition Daron Acemoglu 2019 Pearson Education
9789332511170 E-Business and E-Commerce Management: Strategy, Implementation and Practice, 5/e Dave Chaffey 2013 Pearson Education
9789332578951 Business Statistics: A First Course, 7/e David M. Levine 2017 Pearson Education
9789332521599 Vyavsahye ,Udhmita Aur Prabandhan Delhi University 2014 Pearson Education
9789332520905 Bharatiya Arthavyavastha (Indian Economy Marathi): Samasya aani Bhbitaviaa Dr Kailash Bavle 2014 Pearson Education
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